Soul Portraits

Let your Soul Shine

Lynda is a unique and extremely talented intuitive artist. She has natural gift for feeling and connecting to the core essence of people and animals, the soul, immersing herself in the beauty and capturing that magical energy of the individual on paper or canvas! It’s a cherished gift. She offers these portraits as one of her services… using a photograph she can feel the energy of the true soul and create a piece of artwork that will be a beautiful representation of the Core Essence within.

Whether for yourself, or a gift for a loved one, these Soul Portraits will serve as a constant reminder of beauty and truth. Each portrait takes around a week to complete, and will be painted using acrylics on boxed canvas.

“Oh Lynda! I have no words…a gentle recognition stirs with me, a knowing, a peaceful joy of your amazing ability to see my soul and interpret it into something for all to see. I LOVE IT…big time”

- Claudia



Acrylic on Boxed Canvas 32″ x 40″ : £499 GBP/$799 USD (+plus postage).

Acrylic on Boxed Canvas 16″ x 16″: £299 GBP/$499 USD (+plus postage).

“Lynda, you are something words defy…pure love energy you are. ‘Thank You’ feels wimpy for what you created with me in mind”

- Dr Melva Green


Soul Portrait Examples

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